Tahoe SUP(s)

Where to start with our two-day paddle adventures on Lake Tahoe?! Momma is just so in love with paddling here because the water is the clearest she has ever seen, and there are tons of really cool rock and boulder formations under water (that you can obviously see when you look down!). Thanks to the addition of the Thule SUP Taxi to our Subaru, momma has taken us paddling three times in the past week!

I already blogged about our first adventure on the SUP on our two-sport Tahoe adventure day here, but then on Friday momma took us back to SUP even further than we had on Wednesday after a long walk in Davis. It was a beautiful, sunny day with very calm water, so we paddled 9 miles (well 4.5 miles south of Sand Harbor and then back again). We met a beautiful wolf dog at one of the beaches and tried to get her to play with us, but we couldn’t decide if she though we were weird because of our float coats! Anyways, momma enjoyed talking to her owner while we rolled around in the snow. Friday was groundhog day and momma was joking that she would like to groundhog the day we had since it was so spectacularly perfect weather-wise (and we were so good behavior-wise!).

When we got home Friday night, we were surprised that our daddy wanted to go paddling on Saturday, because he usually hates paddling! It indeed did look like a groundhog day scenario, right?!?!

Since we had just paddled a long ways on Friday momma decided we would go hike in Truckee on the way to Lake Tahoe so that Lolo and I could have a good sniff and explore time. Since it was Saturday we saw quite a few people and dogs out there, but as with all things Tahoe everyone is happy and pleasant and the dogs are all friendly! We had such fun running around in the soft muddy ground and it was so warm that I even went for a swim in the creek!

We then went back to Sand Harbor to put in with daddy (who didn’t have a life jacket, leash, or neoprene booties like momma) but he got to paddle on a board all by himself even though I was more than willing to get onto his board with him. Lolo and I did a bit of jockeying for position on Saturday which momma was not a fan of, since she really, REALLY doesn’t want anyone to fall in the water right now since it is winter time and the water is pretty cold! She thought Lolo was being a bit more fidgety because he was worried when his daddy was too far away from us.

We made it all the way down to Chimney Beach where we ate some lunch and threw the ball for Lolo before we decided to turn around. Just as soon as we got going the wind began to blow. And blow and blow and blow! It was like we were paddling against the current as we went around the corner of the great big castle! Momma was feeling very stressed about it since Lolo was getting splashed from the waves slapping up against the SUP which made him keep standing up and turning around in a circle (which made us even wobblier!) but she paddled as hard as she could and got us close to the shore where the wind was not nearly as bad and we were no longer getting splashed by waves.

Since she has to paddle very carefully to keep track of me on the back and not dump anyone in, we totally lost daddy who went on ahead of us. He was paddling approximately 100 less pounds on his board!! 😉 But, we made it back safe and sound and as usual, momma has approximately 100 pictures to share which is the sole reason we are writing this blog post!

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