Hi, my name is Olaf and my momma is helping me to make my own website so I can share my life story with you! Since she has opposable thumbs she does all the typing, but I am in charge of all the content.

My momma and daddy adopted me in September 2014 from Eastern Herding Dog Rescue. The rescue pulled me from a shelter in South Carolina where I ended up after the state came to break up a hoarding situation.

When I got to the rescue in Virginia they discovered I had some serious injuries – a broken hip and a pelvis that was snapped in half. Nobody knows how that happened (but my momma thinks I probably got hit by a car). I spent a few months recovering in the care of the rescue before my momma and daddy brought me home to continue rehabbing and getting better and stronger!

I live a normal life and have competed and earned titles in a lot of different dog sports like agility, canine freestyle, Barn Hunt and more!

I now live in California with my momma and daddy and little brother, Lolo. My birthday is 2/14/14.

You can also see lots of my pictures on Instagram here: instagram.com/gustafolaf/