Wishing for more snow daze

We went hiking in the ‘Hoe yesterday and momma wanted to use her new snowshoes again. She took us up to Donner Sno-Park since that is where here is the most snow as far as we know in the north Lake Tahoe area (which is much faster for us to get to!).

A few weeks ago we went hiking here right after a fresh dump of snow and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G like so, so, soooooo totally awesome. Check out this powder!!


The hard part for momma was it was pretty deep for just hiking in her boots and she was struggling to get through all that snow. So she saved up her money and bought some snowshoes to make it easier.



The last time we went on this trail was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and it was like MASSIVE melting because it was so warm! Part of this trail goes through two tunnels that run under Interstate 80 and the second one was flooded with so much water that Lolo and I had to SWIM to get through it! Over Thanksgiving we went to different trails in the South Lake Tahoe area where we found some pretty decent snow higher up, so momma I guess kind of forgot about all the melting that happened here.


So we set off and the trail is packed down because it is a SNO-PARK which means people drive up with their kids and go sledding! Lolo and I aren’t really sure about sleds right now since it generally involves shrieking children and fast movement 😬


Because momma had her snowshoes she put them on to break trail so we could get into some powder, which was really fun and Lolo and I ran around and went bananas like we do in any kind of snow. We made it to the tunnels under the Interstate and they were covered in ice! I didn’t want to go through so thought maybe I’d try to climb the hill and cross the Interstate that way but momma said NO, I couldn’t do that. I had to go across the ice. She broke through the ice for us so we wouldn’t slip but it was sharp! And of course this little scrape I have on my wonky foot got cut and bled like the whole day in the snow. Don’t tell my daddy though!!


So once we made it through the tunnels (and not over the top) we decided to get off trail and just go over the river and through the woods because that’s the whole point of having snowshoes, momma says.

We spent so much time climbing through the nice powder and across great big sunny, open meadows that by the time we got to the high meadow under Castle Peak momma said “I’m tired, let’s take the trail back down” and would you believe there was hardly ANY SNOW left on the trail! 😱😰

We were so shocked to see the difference and that while their may be a dusting of snow up there today or tomorrow, there is no precip in the forecast for the next few WEEKS! So we are doing all the snow dancing down here in the Central Valley hoping for more snow!!!

img_6852 Of course momma had to take all these pics in my goggles because she thinks they are soooo cute

img_6781img_6688 Here’s to more snow daze – and by that I mean big, fluffy deep snow daze! I know momma always complains that wherever she goes it’s like the hottest weather ever (she is cursed) so I hope that because we aren’t technically living in Tahoe her curse won’t affect the snow and winter we are sooooo looking forward to there this year!!!


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