Naked in Nevada

I took a trip to Nevada yesterday! That is a new state for me!! (I think I should make a list of all the states I have been in, I feel like it is definitely more than a dozen by now.)


Anyways, momma wanted to go to Lake Tahoe because she thinks it is so pretty and after too many days away from the water hiking high (like super high where we could find snow) in the hills, she craved being by the water. Although we found plenty of frozen water up in the mountains!!

It was also her first time in Nevada (and of course, Lolo too).


The parking area we planned to start our hike from was closed for the season, so momma had to drive around and figure out where it wasn’t ILLEGAL to park on the side of the road. Finally, after getting out on the highway we were off and down the hill into a beautiful hike through the woods to get down to the lake.


The really nice part about the Nevada side is that where we were it is OK for dogs to be down near the lake! Or at least momma couldn’t find information that said dogs could NOT be there, which is just as good. California is kind of weird about dogs near the lake, and there is also tons of private property on the lake, which is seriously annoying and a bit frustrating when trying to get your #lakelife on.


We first went to Secret Harbor, which is also a beach where clothing is optional. In the morning no-one was naked down there, but the same could not be said about the afternoon!! 🙈


We then continued up the trail to Chimney beach, which is pretty clear when you get there.

img_8842It was a really nice day out, hardly any wind, cool but sunny. Some of the rocks had some slick frost on them, and momma slipped on a rock and her phone went flying out of her hand! It slid down the rocks and we could hear it ‘ploop’ into the lake. She was like “OH NO!!!” and took off to look for it. She scrambled around on some rocks that she wouldn’t let me or Lolo out on because they were steep and slippery.


Then she told us to wait while she took off all her clothes to go diving into the water to get her phone. She definitely started making a weird breathing noise and I got VERY worried about what she was doing because we couldn’t even see her! She kept telling us that we were being good boys and reassuring Lolo and I that she was fine even though I was barking my head off in my high-pitched “I’m worried!!” bark. Then she appeared again but was all wet! She was very cold but relieved that she got her phone. Her feet were bleeding a little bit but I licked them up for her because I try my best to take care of her always!

img_8996We then had to keep hiking a few more miles before she really warmed up from that icy cold dip, but no-one was complaining because it was just so, SO beautiful!

The only annoying part of the day was posing for all these pictures, but she had pretty good treats to feed us as payment for posing, so everyone was happy!

img_8875We are hoping to get to explore the Nevada side a bit more as we get to know Lake Tahoe proper a bit better. I just know momma is dying to go SUP around this area because the water is actually a lot more shallow (so maybe a nice temp in the summer?) and there are tons of really cool boulders all over the edge and in the water too, we could have so many of our own private islands!!!

It also wasn’t too cold for Lolo to swim 🤣



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