My Google Goggles

Momma really has a thing for putting these goggles on me when we are in the snow and sunshine. She says it is to protect my eyeballs from the bright, bright light. But I think she just really puts them on me because she thinks I look cute in them.


You know why I think that? She never shuts up about how COOL I look and takes a million pictures of me when I have them on. Which is OK with me because she gives me a cookie when I pose so it does serve my purpose too, which is to beg for food all my waking hours.


Today was our first hike with momma’s new snowshoes. They were fun because with them she said we could go WHEREVER we wanted, and I think Lolo and I picked a very nice, scenic route!


We ALL really, really love the snow and days like today where there was fresh powder on top of the other hard snow are just perfect!


What is also nice about the snowshoes is we can just find our own route and not have the risk of bumping into people as much as we would ON the trail, which lets momma relax and allow Lolo and I a lot of freedom to run around all over the place 🙌


When we do see people momma always blabs with them about how AWESOME the weather is and how BEAUTIFUL the day is. She really loves this place!


Loki Lolo has his own set of google goggles but he isn’t very good about wearing them. When momma puts them on he becomes a frozen statue and cannot move, so it’s not very productive! I think she should stop being lazy about training him to wear them, it’s not fair that I have to be the only one!



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