Tahoe is my favorite place

When we lived in North Carolina we always took the same few hikes because that is all there was in the area. Here, in California, we go to Tahoe all the time, but we go to lots of different trails. Although I never forget a trail once I’ve done it! This has proven very helpful for momma as the snow starts to fall since she can rely on me to keep us on track.

This picture is from the Loch Leven trail between Middle Loch Leven Lake and the Upper Loch Leven Lake. If you are ever in the area just know that the Middle Loch Leven Lake is TOTALLY the best one. We have even gone paddling here when momma decided to hike in carrying her inflatable SUP. I like paddling with momma but only when it is just the two of us. With Loki it’s a lot more difficult because he doesn’t like it as much as I do and doesn’t do a very good job of holding still.

I also am not crazy about the inflatable SUP because I do not like the sound of air. Is that weird? I mean the sound of pumping air, or when you have to disconnect the hose and close up the air intake and there is this super loud HISSSSSSSSSING noise that makes me want to go hide as far away as possible!

Here are some pictures from that summer hike and SUP on Middle Loch Leven Lake. Crazy how different it looks in the winter!

The other funny thing about that SUP day was there was a group of folks who hiked up to the Middle Loch Leven Lake and decided to go swimming, but they just took off all their clothes to swim naked. This isn’t super unusual in Tahoe (at all!) but what was funny was that they wanted to talk to momma while they were swimming around us naked! 🙈

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