I’m dead sexy

Momma got me some goggles to protect my eyeballs from the bright sun on the snow in the mountains. I am pretty good about wearing them…most of the time!

My daddy wishes I would wear them all of the time, but momma is a bit of a slacker with the eyewear. I think she’s sometimes embarrassed about being THAT MOM who is so worried about my eyeballs.

One thing she does take good care of (and it is sooo annoying) is my pink nose. It gets sunburned really bad and she puts special doggy sunblock on it all the time, which I HATE.

This picture is from the summit of Mount Donner just off the Mount Judah trail. It is always super duper windy up here but the views are simply amazing!


See here is the view of Donner Lake and back behind you can’t see in the picture (but can in real life) see the edge of Lake Tahoe!

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