Grant’s Pass – Spring Break part 5

We gave ourselves two days to drive home from North Bend, and decided to stop in southern Oregon for the night. Daddy had booked the AirBNB for us, and boy were we blown away with just what a great little area it was.

To start with, our room was a separate building from the family, that had 5 acres of property on the Rogue River. And we all know who is obsessed with water 😂

The water was moving pretty good out in the middle, so momma would only throw Loki sticks at the edge in the shallow pools. I had a grand time “noodling” in some holes I found along the shore. Momma only took videos of me doing this 🙄😤

Right pass the property there is a tiny rapid that forms, and the family said that just off their banks there is GREAT fishing. We believe it!

Here is a view of the beautiful backyard. Lolo and I had a lot of fun running around and playing in the gorgeous grass. You can see the rapids in the river here. This view was off the deck of our private space! Also included in our space was a hot tub AND a sauna! Momma is a sauna person, so she and daddy enjoyed that just before bedtime. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that there was a stand-up shower here! Both momma and daddy were thrilled with this 😂

Momma had thought we would hike near Mount Shasta on our way home the next day, but started looking at her AllTrails app anyways to see what was nearby. Imagine her surprise when she found a 400-acre pocket of BLM land with a plethora of hiking trails just 10 minutes up the road! We couldn’t pass that up, so the morning we left we first hiked for a couple of hours here.

We lucked out with weather again being sunny and mild. There were a few places for some views! And lots of places for us to see the signs of spring (including all the ticks coming out 😳).

Lolo trying to pose when he sees something he’d rather be chasing 😂

There is a bit of snow out in the distance, that we would ultimately drive through just on our way out of Oregon and into California.

Finally, here’s a shot from the road, Lolo and I had such a great spring break with off-leash hikes every single day! We were spoiled rotten and slept well on the last little bit of drive home. All in all it was a great trip that gave momma and daddy lots of information and new ideas for what’s next in our lives!!


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