November Tahoe SUPs

Since my foot is in a cast and I’m on such activity restriction that I ride almost everywhere in a buggy, you can understand that my momma (especially) and Lolo were going as stir crazy as I was. Then momma put her thinking cap on and decided that if we were to SUP it is essentially the same thing as me just standing in the buggy when we go on walks and therefore would be considered not really an activity. So she started to scope out the weather in Tahoe since the air in Davis this month became choked with smoke from the Camp Fire tragedy just to the north of us.

And there she saw a window of opportunity to get us out of the house and to her FAVORITE place in the world – on the lake. She’s very particular about conditions for paddling during the off season, and even more so when I was going to be on board with the strict requirement to STAY DRY.

Our first SUP trip in November was to momma’s favorite launch spot in the winter: Sand Harbor. We love paddling the east shore because of all the public land that is also dog friendly so that we can break up big legs by pulling up to a beach and stretching our legs!

We paddled south just down to Secret Cove, but with stops at Bonsai Rock, Chimney Beach and another private beach along the way. Lolo is pretty good at SUPing, but has a lot less patience than I, so momma tries to stop more often when he is along so that he can get a chance to chase sticks and swim a bit to stay happy. We made this trip on our inflatable SUP because momma was being lazy about having to deal with our big board that rides on top of the car. The downside to the inflatable is you really feel everyone else’s movement on the board, so momma was stressed that a sudden move by Lolo would send me hurtling into the water. And she did NOT want me to get wet or we’d be in big trouble because of my cast. So while the trip was beautiful, it was a bit stressy for momma, and actually Lolo too since she really wanted him to just lay down and not wiggle around all over the place!

We were caught a little off guard by how early the sun slips behind the mountains at this time of year, and were still about 15 minutes away from shore when it went down. It was still light enough we didn’t have to panic at all, and landed at the same time as a half dozen parachute people who were using the big beach for a landing zone as well. It was really cool!

The next day daddy wanted to go to the mountains and he’s not a huge fan of paddling so we made a plan for him to drop momma and I off at Zephyr Cove and we would have a leisurely paddle down to Nevada beach. Daddy has never been to Zephyr Cove and momma suggested he and Lolo do some exploring on the trails there before going to chase chippers and swim at Nevada Beach.

So we saw glimpses of Lolo and daddy while we paddled for a bit until we left the Zephyr Cove area where dogs are allowed.

Momma again had brought the inflatable and we had a bit of chop rounding the corner into the next bay from Zephyr Cove, which is where we also saw the big Dixie tour boat go by – and you will be pleased to know that I did not bark at it!

It was fun to just pull in at Nevada Beach on the big beach where dogs aren’t allowed in the summertime. Lolo and daddy came out of the woods to pick us up and swim a bit before we headed back to the car. Daddy had never been all the way up the east shore so momma suggested we head up to Sand Harbor to catch the sunset (since we now knew what time it would be happening) and meet our friend Amy, who was in Tahoe also to escape the smoke with Lola and Terry. We made it just in time to catch a fantastic sunset, but couldn’t find our friends until after dark 🙃

On Monday momma decided to take Lolo and I back to the mountains to SUP, but this time with the big, heavy (and steady) board. We went back to Sand Harbor to launch (told you it was momma’s favorite!!) and paddled to the north to Incline Village.

We had a great time playing at a nearly empty Hidden Beach where we also took dumb pictures.

We had time so we went back to Sand Harbor for another long rest before paddling down past Bonsai rock to the beach next to the fancy Thunderbird lodge. It was such a nice, calm day for paddling and we purposely spent sunset on the water again.

Finally, after we got home early from our wet Yosemite trip, momma saw the forecast for Sunday was again going to be perfect winter SUP conditions and that would be the last day for the near future! So we all went back to Tahoe so that momma and I could SUP while Lolo got to go hiking in the snow with daddy. Momma and I launched from Sand Harbor and went south a long, leisurely way, taking lots of pictures and breaks as we went.

While we were videoing the water in Secret Cove a couple on the shore asked us where our other dog was 😂 they had seen and photographed us the other day when we were in the cove as a trio! Apparently there aren’t a ton of other nutters like momma who want to SUP in the winter time. But she just LOVES it! Lucky for her, I do too.

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