Momma got a new hoodie for Christmas that has a coastal picture on it. She loves this sweatshirt because it is cozy and soft (and new!), but also she loves the picture because she thinks it looks like California. (To be honest, we don’t know where it is from!)

I think this new hoodie is the reason she keeps craving ocean adventures.

That and on Friday it was supposed to be raining up in Tahoe, and who wants to be rained on in the mountains when you could get rained on at the coast.

Doesn’t that make sense to you? I mean just because it is wintertime. It should be SNOWing in the mountains not raining! Get it? Plus, momma isn’t sure our tires are good enough for the chain restrictions that go into place in the mountains with the bad weather, so she decided it was best to go back to the coast.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, Lolo loves the beach but I am more of a hiker guy. Actually, momma loves the ocean and stuff, but only if there is something to DO. She definitely isn’t a sit-still kind of person, so that is why she took us back to the Marin Headlands because we could hike for 3 hours AND play on the beach so everyone was happy.

It was a very rainy drive and an accident on the 101 just before the Golden Gate bridge had us exit early and drive the last couple of miles through Sausalito, which we had never seen in the rain and fog before. It is such a cute little town!

We made it to the headlands and it was super foggy. Our friend Amy has told us that sometimes people actually get lost in the headlands in the thick fog, and after Friday we could see how that was possible to happen!

We started out on the Coast Trail but there are a million side trails to go see old bunkers that wander off the main trail and so if you weren’t paying attention you could definitely lose your way in the fog. We only went off the trail on purpose, and then momma knew where we could meet back up with the trail AFTER bush-whacking a bit šŸ™ƒ

There were hardly any people out in the rain and fog, or else we just couldn’t see them! So it was really fun and we decided to take the junction down along the Wolf Ridge where we met up with the Miwok trail and the signs indicated dogs were no longer welcome in that area.

Then we backtracked we went up to the top of Hill 88 where there were a bunch of old buildings with graffiti art that my auntie would just LOVE to check out. Taking pictures of graffiti art is one of her favorite things! So we made sure to take some pictures just for her.

When we were heading back down to the beach the fog lifted for just a couple of minutes and we took a few pictures before boom, we were back in the soup.

Back at the car I thought we were loading up to go home, but momma said no, we had to go to the beach. The beach was almost empty except for a handful of people and of course the surfers that were catching waves. It seemed like the ocean was the stormiest we had ever seen it!

We went down to the end of the beach but couldn’t get back to where we normally go because the tide was high and the waves were pushing really high on shore. It didn’t stop Lolo from playing fetch or momma from taking pictures of me since it was really pretty out.

There was a lot of traffic on our drive home, and when momma looked over at me she saw a tick crawling across my forehead which meant she had the creepy crawlies for the rest of the night. Our WAZE app told us to exit early on in Davis and drive through town instead of staying on the freeway to our normal exit, so momma decided to take us to the pet store since she was running low on the frozen RAW food that Loki likes to eat.

Even though we were muddy, sandy, ocean-smelly dogs she took us both in and Lolo was such a good, brave boy who basically behaved like a normal dog and wasn’t scared of anyone. He even took treats from the lady at the counter (who was graciously generous with them!). Momma was so proud of him because he is sometimes very scared of people for some reason, but has been working with momma very hard on trusting that she will protect him from anyone that means to do him harm.

All in all it was a wet and wonderful day that left momma and daddy with some salty, beachy dog smells to enjoy over the weekend!

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