Aloha Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving my momma took me, Lolo & my daddy to the Echo Lakes trailhead to hike out to Lake Aloha in Desolation Wilderness.  It was a very windy start, but otherwise quite warm (for November!) and sunny which had dried up most of the wet snow. As we climbed higher there was a lot more melty snow and the trail turned into a waterfall cascading down the hill. Higher even more and we got into deep snow as you can see in this picture of me standing on the snow lumps.

It got much colder the closer we got to Lake Aloha and after 6 miles of walking momma knew she had to take a shortcut so we could at least make it in and out before it got dark. That’s the great part about winter – everything is covered in snow so you can make your own trail! We cut down a hill and made it to Lake Aloha and had a quick snack because it was too cold to hang out. My daddy couldn’t really tell what or where Lake Aloha was because it was all frozen over and covered in snow! Momma tried to point it out but unless you’ve seen all the islands of Lake Aloha when it is not a frozen tundra, you really can’t see it I guess.

Here is Lake Aloha behind me:

Lolo and I had a grand time running through the woods and playing in the snow – there was hardly anyone out that day and we only met one pup on our way back to the car. She was a Border Collie – Heeler mix and very, very cute with lots of freckles!

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