Hi everybody, welcome to my website!

This picture is from Lake Dardanelles after a pretty fresh snow in South Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago. We were the only people on this hike the whole day, which is probably because lots of ski resorts like Squaw Valley opened on this exact same day!

Momma enjoys this trail anyways, but was annoyed that shortly after taking this picture in this exact spot she opened up the jerky trail snacks for me and Lolo using her favorite knife she always carries while hiking. She calls this knife her “knife for stabbing people” just in case someone is mean to us. But I don’t know why she would need to do that since she has Loki to eat people if needed!

She wants to go back and look for the knife, but it will probably be buried under the snow if someone didn’t already find it. Soooo, if you happen to find momma’s knife for stabbing people please let us know! We’d be ever so happy to get it back!!


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